CC2LP1 Has Been Released
CC2LP1 has been released! See the file attachment on this post.

A mirror to CC2LP1 will be added to momentarily:

The Steam Workshop release will be at a later date while we make sure everything is compatible.

Thanks to everyone who has joined us on this journey!

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You should probably be playing CC2LP1.

Or go to the Chip's Challenge Wiki.
(Great job guys! Thank you tons!)
liked the intro. ccbbc is losing 100 members a day you know
Unfortunately CC2LP1 has no CheeseT ingredients, but maybe next pack...

Congrats to everyone whose levels made the pack.
My CC1 set:
My CC2 set:
For my most recent CC2 set, download on Steam workshop:
Play my levels on Chuck's Challenge: Look for author "Gavin"

Have no fears, I've got levels for years!
Wether or not I get around to playing CC2LP1, it's always charming to see the results of a major CC community project.
First chipster ever reported to fill ON THE ROCKS with blocks.

HASHLEVELS.dat (49 CC1 levels)

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