Pointless CC Trivia Thread
While on the subject of the tracks, I grew up with the WEP (Windows Entertainment Pack) for Windows 3.1 version, and the track order was:

Track01 chips02.mid
Track02 canyon.mid
Track03 chips01.mid

And repeat. I don't remember how you get canyon.mid to play though. Anyone remember this piece of trivia?
Hello Phazite. You first need an MP3 version of Canyon. MID, but you can convert it from the original midi file. Place it in the Win folder in the folder containing the music, and then modify the .txt file in the Win folder to add it (you can also create a backup in case it fails). However, as you can see from tracks posts, the order is pretty messy and one order will not fit all level packs, nor there is an option to have a custom order that overrides the one in the pack like what was possible to do in the Win 3.x version by modifying ENTPACK.INI.
The Atari Lynx was released in North America in September 1989 and Chip's Challenge was one of the four launch titles. The other 3 were:

 Blue Lightning


 The Gates of Zendocon

 On a related note, according to Chuck Somerville, CC was also the only of these games to be still in production when the Lynx was discontinued.
In the credits during the title screen of Chip's Challenge Lynx, the following people are credited as the level designers (in this order):

Bill Darrah
James Donald
M. Peter Engelbrite
Victoria Hanson
RG Goudey
Stephen Jungels
Scott Nelson
Chuck Somerville
Pete Wierzbicki
Total: 9 level designers.
In both the Commodore 64 and the Commodore Amiga ports of Chip's Challenge (notice that both systems were made by Commodore) Chip wears a black shirt in the title screen instead of a red one.


 Picture taken from a Google Search. It is of the Amiga version. Also notice that he have a weird green rectangle instead of a proper mouth...
This may just be a coincidence, but the Atari Lynx game Gauntlet: The Third Encounter, developed by Epyx, features a character wearing a red shirt and a green pant:


 Also, this game features a "Nerd" character, altough it is not very similar to Chip:


 By the way both games had spritework credited to Paul Vernon.
 Everyone, have a Merry Christmas and a very happy new year!
Since Peter Engelbrite appears in the credits of Chip's Challenge Lynx as a level designer (see one of the previous posts) and he is also a christian, i conclude that he made Grail. I recognize that it is more of a conjecture than a factual trivia, but it makes sense to me.


 On a related note he was the only one at Epyx that accepted to work at Bridgestone. There he programmed and designed their (as far as i know) only game, Captain Bible in the Dome of Darkness. Also notice that in another previous post you can see his name in the title screen of Gates of Zendocon. He also programmed Todd's Adventures in Slime World.
This letter by Peter Engelbrite is probably the first time someone mention the secret MAND password of CC Lynx. It is mainly about Todd's Adventures in Slime World, but it briefly mentions other games including Chip's Challenge.

In the title screen of Chip's Challenge for Lynx and the ports directly based on it, Chip does a sort of "squat dance" (no, it is not hopak). Sadly it is not present in the Windows 3.x port or CC2 (which actually don't have a proper title screen).


First Panel W appearance: Mazed In
(CCLP2 #12)

First Panel N appearance: The Serial Port
(CCLP2 #13)

First Clone Block S appearance: TOSSED SALAD
(CC1 #20)

First Clone Block N appearance: ICEBERG
(CC1 #21)

First Clone Block E appearance: ON THE ROCKS
(CC1 #33)

First Clone Block W appearance: MONSTER LAB
(CC1 #45)

First empty Clone Machine: Mads' Rush I
(CCLP2 #38)

First Monster on non-clone machine non-transparent tile: TRUST ME
(CC1 #135)
First chipster ever reported to fill ON THE ROCKS with blocks.

HASHLEVELS.dat (49 CC1 levels)

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