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April 2020 Time Trial - Chip on Steroids!
It's been a while since the last competition here- let's change that up! A Sickly Silver Moon recently posted a modification of Tile World that allows Chip to move on every update, up to 20 times per second. And so, your task is to use that version (linked here) to get the best scores you can on 3 already released levels that I think will highlight how this modification plays best. To show some of the differences, I've played through intro.dat and included my TWS for it for some examples. The 3 levels for this competition are Outlaw from Walls of CCLP3, Open Water Diving Certification from Walls of CCLP1, and Irradiated Radiator from Walls of CCLP4.

Linux version of the TW mod

  • Use the linked build of Tile World to play the levels listed above.
  • Send your TWS file to IHNN#3459 on Discord, and I will respond confirming that I've received it.
  • Don't share your solutions or times until the deadline.
  • Entries will close on May 1st, when CC2LP1 voting closes.
  • Whoever has the best total time on the 3 levels wins!
  • Pro tip: Change your keyboard settings to the fastest possible key repeat rate to go faster, sooner.

.dat   CCZ-TT 04-2020 Chip on Steroids.dat (Size: 2.3 KB / Downloads: 8)
My CC1 levelsets: (25, 150, 149, 149, 149, 149, 60, 149, 43, +2 = 1025 total)
25 levels.dat | Ultimate Chip.dat | Ultimate Chip 2.ccl | Ultimate Chip 3.dac | Ultimate Chip | Ultimate Chip 5 | Ultimate Chip 6 Walls of CCLP4 i^e
IHNN-Ultimate: 147 of my best levels (through UC5), plus 2 entirely new ones. May be overhauled soon.

My CC2 levelsets: (100, ???)

My CC score tracker. Has lots of cool automated features!
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