Ultimate Chip 4
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This is my 4th large CC set released, and in my opinion the best one yet. It contains 149 levels verified to be solvable in both the MS and Lynx rulesets, made throughout the last 5 months. The difficulty starts out fairly low and steadily rises throughout, ultimately peaking around the 130s in CCLP3.

Thanks to Michael, Ryan, Andrew M. and J.B. Lewis for beta testing this. I know I caught a lot of busts before sending this out to you guys for beta-ing, but so many more were discovered.

I hope you have as much fun playing this set as I did designing it. Slight smile


Confirmed solvable? Yes

What's New in Version 1.0F
  • Reverted the previous change since it broke the level worse and made a small edit to key/lock locations. Solutions are unaffected by this, and the bust is now officially an easter egg.

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IHNN-Ultimate: 147 of my best levels (through UC5), plus 2 entirely new ones. May be overhauled soon.

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My top 5 levels of this set:

Airport Security (38) - I like this kind of concept of clearing a path for you to walk on without getting your fire boots stolen. I feel that we need more to this kind of concept.

Tomb Of The Forgotten (91) - I am a huge fan of sokoban puzzles also when there are a bunch of sokoban puzzles in a single level like this one. I also liked how they were kind of challenging but thankfully not "Same Game"- ish kind of tough if you know what I mean. Challenging sokoban puzzles are hard but feels like a good accomplishment once you solve it.

Subconscious (144)- Many MANY great puzzles rolled into one level. Includes some of my other favorite levels like: My Friend, Automatic (Caution) Doors and both Joyride I and II

Guiding Light (146)- Great "Old Frog New Tricks" level but with a fireball and a little more straight forward-thinking.

Recollection (149)- Great "Mr. McCallahan Presents" type of level. Plenty of great levels all rolled into one.

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