Ultimate Chip 3
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Ultimate Chip 3 is my third major set. It contains 149 levels tested in both MS and Lynx, of varying difficulty. Included in the zip file is the .dat set file, as well as a .dac file for each ruleset and a .ccx file with my thoughts on each level.

Difficulty ranges from early CCLP1 to mid CCLP3, so expect a challenge in the later levels with some relatively easy stuff early on. Hopefully, it's as fun for you guys to play as it was for me to design and test.

As usual, any and all feedback is appreciated, even if it's just "great level (Y)".

Thread: http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/962-ihnns-levels-feedbackdiscussion-ultimate-chip-3-trailer-released/&do=findComment&comment=28282

The set is also being uploaded over at pieguy's site with the contents of the ccx file in the notes section, along with the obligatory scoreboard for the MS side of things. Happy chipping!

Confirmed solvable? Yes

What's New in Version 1.04
  • Fixed major bust in Aquamarine Isles (Thanks Lessinath!)

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