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I release the final version of UC5. Josh releases the final version of JoshL6.

Time passes. I toy with the idea of making a best of set.

More time passes, I make a medley level of UC4 sections.

Josh is inspired and makes 2, one each for JoshL5 and JoshL6. He then rebuilds JCCLP2 to be more reflective of his modern designs.

I make my medley for UC5. I want to release these levels, but not as standalones.

And so, the stage is set.

This levelset contains 149 of the best CC1 levels I have ever crafted. Most of you have probably played at least a few of these, and classics such as In the Pipeline
, Suburban Legend
, and Frozen Waffle
are contained within. The breakdwn of levels by source is as follows:
  • 25levels, UC1: 0 levels. Sorry to any fans of either of these, but you aren't missing much Tongue

  • UC2: 7 levels. There's a few inspired designs in here but it's mostly contrived and heavy puzzles. Nothing all that great, but not terrible either.

  • UC3: 27 levels. This was the set where I started hitting my stride with designing, both easier and more difficult levels. Most of the set is pretty good, but...

  • UC4: 57 levels. I think this was my best set at the time, and is my best "original" set. It tends towards the easier side of the game as I was inspired by CCLP1 quite a bit, but there's a place for elegant compositions that are just fun to play.

  • UC5: 56 levels. Similar to UC4 in that there's many outstanding compositions here, but they tend towards the upper end of the difficulty spectrum. There's also some very strange designs in here, so be aware should you decide to play the original set.

  • New content: 2 levels. The medleys mentioned above. Both of these levels are made up of 16 7x7 squares, one each from UC4 and UC5 levels. The twist? I made absolutely 0 edits to any of these, and ended up with one of the most difficult levels I've ever made as a result.

Well, with that said, I hope you enjoy the set. I had a blast assembling it, and designing the levels in the first place. It's been a fantastic 2 years since I rejoined the community, and I hope that it continues for many more years to come. I don't see myself tiring of playing this game- there's so much depth it's almost unreal.

But...I think I'm probably done with CC1 designing. I still don't have much interest in CC2 designs, either, so this is likely the last CC1 set you'll see from me other than a TT level or two maybe. It's...quite an interesting time for me, ending two things that have been so constant for so long simultaneously, with both graduating from college and now signing off from designs. It's going to be an interesting summer.

Maybe putting CC1 editors down will give me the motivation to work on CC2 designs. Maybe CC2 optimizing. Maybe more CC1 optimizing. Maybe just playing other games and finally working through my backlog. The future is always uncertain. But something that is certain is that I'll be sticking around the community, even when not actively playing the game. Oh and I'll still enter all the competitions, of course Tongue

Confirmed solvable? Yes

What's New in Version SupremeExecutiveChairman
  • Reverted the previous change since it broke the level worse and made a small edit to key/lock locations. Solutions are unaffected by this, and the bust is now officially an easter egg.

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