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With CCLP4 on the horizon, I had a burst of new ideas. Rather than release another smaller set, I figured I'd go back and merge my new levels into UC5, as doing so would also be a convenient reason to fix many of its flaws. The difficulty curve should now be much smoother (though with some carefully placed spikes and valleys), the variety of gameplay should be larger and some of the less enjoyable levels have been subtly altered.

For a detailed level listing, see this pastebin: http://pastebin.com/9Sgk2dqs

Anyway, this was my last big CC1 set. Anything else will very likely be added to i^e or a set created purely to add on level ideas to. CC2 time!

Version 1.0 is included in the download but will not be updated further.

The 69 new levels are also included in their own set as well, for those who just want to play the new levels. This set will also not be updated further, and has the levels in the order they were designed, meaning there is no difficulty curve for just the new content.

All levels are guaranteed to work in both MS and Lynx.

As I said last year, if anyone still cares about CC1 sets, enjoy!

Chip Win

Original Description:

This was going to be another 149 level set, but with the release of CC2 it stalled out at 77 levels, with 10 of them unnamed. Today I went through, named them, and added 3 additional levels to round out gameplay types and make a difficulty curve a bit more gradual.

If anyone still cares about CC1 sets, enjoy!

Confirmed solvable? Yes

What's New in Version 2.00c
  • Fixed bust in Breeze Harbor, as discovered by Josh in his LP. It skipped a significant chunk of the puzzle, and my solutions not utilizing the bust (MS and Lynx) were unaffected.

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