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Hi, Everyone,

I am just getting into streaming on Twitch. I'm a huge fan of CC1 and CC2 and am considering streaming some CC content.

That leaves me in a slight situation, though. CHIPS.dat obviously has copyright associated with it. I would need to ask about the copyright permissions to use it in streams I'd imagine. But that's not really why I'm here asking.

The real reason I'm here asking is are there any rules about streaming or making YouTube content on any of the custom level sets I find here? Is it on a case by case basis, or is it generally considered fine to stream level sets I find posted here--even though they aren't mine?

Based on what I could find from past posts, this seems to be okay, but I can't find any official guidelines or anything for this. And I would prefer not to just assume.
The short answer is: streaming is fair use, so there's 0 issues with streaming any set, even the originals.
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Okay. Just wanted to be sure. Thanks :D
It's very hard on Twitch right now. If you accidentally say a word, or you get hit with a forbidden word, you can be banned.

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