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February update:

With the final update to UC5, I figured I should submit the levels made I was happy with. This turned out to be 44, for a nice round total of 300 levels submitted (wow!). Worth noting that UC5 1.0 had 28/80 levels submitted and the update has 44/68, so I'm much happier with the overall quality of the additions.

November update:

The full list of removed levels and reasons can be found here: http://pastebin.com/RXU3nYAa

The full list of added levels can be found here: http://pastebin.com/GzJUwiFC

I am open to including levels not already in this set or adding back levels removed-the only reason I removed/didn't include is because I didn't think they would do very well.

Original Description:

Don't play this on its own. Please play UC4, UC5, and the other sets these levels originate from instead.

So this is my CCLP4 submission set. Contains 256 300 levels from all my sets, with some minor adjustments. These changes will not be reflected back onto their source sets. Everything should be compatible with both the MS and Lynx rulesets: some of the levels from UC2 may not be, however.

I'm aware Subconscious and Recollection from UC4 have their names swapped here. That's intentional, as the names make more sense in a CCLP context as they are in this set, vs. a custom set context like in UC4.

Busts discovered in the source sets will be fixed here. Aside from that, I don't think this will receive any changes until after CCLP4, where this will be replaced/repurposed to a CCLP5 version.

Or maybe CCLP0 if we go that route with some of the more difficult stuff removed. We'll see what happens next.

What's New in Version Probably Actually FinalE
  • Fixed a major bust in Aquamarine Isles. (thanks Lessinath!)

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My CC1 levelsets: (25, 150, 149, 149, 149, 149, 60, 149, 43, +2 = 1025 total)
25 levels.dat | Ultimate Chip.dat | Ultimate Chip 2.ccl | Ultimate Chip 3.dac | Ultimate Chip 4.zip | Ultimate Chip 5 | Ultimate Chip 6 Walls of CCLP4 i^e
IHNN-Ultimate: 147 of my best levels (through UC5), plus 2 entirely new ones. May be overhauled soon.

My CC2 levelsets: (100, ???)

My CC score tracker. Has lots of cool automated features!
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