Extreme Hold Right Adventure
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You hold the right arrow key. Stuff happens. Only works in the Lynx ruleset. Designed around the pink ball section seen at the start, because I'd noticed that that sort of thing would only work in Lynx.

What's New in Version FINAL-B
  • Removed a bust if you decide to not follow the instructions.
  • Lots of small aesthetics changes.
  • A couple small red herrings that if you go for optimization may come in handy...

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.ccl   Hold Right.ccl (Size: 1.54 KB / Downloads: 342)
My CC1 levelsets: (25, 150, 149, 149, 149, 149, 60, 149, 43, +2 = 1025 total)
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IHNN-Ultimate: 147 of my best levels (through UC5), plus 2 entirely new ones. May be overhauled soon.

My CC2 levelsets: (100, ???)

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Omg wow! Very interesting idea!

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