Holiday Create 2017/2018 - Stop, Collaborate, and Listen
The holiday season is all about spending quality time with family and friends, but who says that need only apply to real life gatherings?

In this competition, you will be *pairing up with another community member* to design your level as a team! Many amazing collaboratory levels have been produced over the years from community members honing each others' ideas as a team, and the experience of working with and learning from each other while making a great level adds a lot to an already fun experience. If you haven't designed a level with someone else before, this is the perfect opportunity to try it out!

If you are having trouble finding a partner - or don't even know where to begin doing that - try posting a message here or posting a message to the CC Discord server. If that doesn't work, email me and I can try to set you up with others who are looking for a partner. (In the absolute worst case scenario I will team up with an odd-entrant-out to guarantee that nobody gets left out.)

There will be no level restrictions for this competition: all types of levels are allowed and welcomed. The only "rule", if you will, is to have a strong sense of teamwork with your collab partner when designing your level. (i.e. if you and your partner both create some stuff independently and you lazily copy-paste it all into the same level to create a "collaboration", that effort will be judged much more harshly than a partnership who talked together about their ideas and refined each others' concepts while working together towards a common goal.)

Bonus points will be awarded for:

* Doing a little write-up alongside your entry describing who did what, how the level came to be, and what the process of collaborating was like for both of you

* Giving your level some kind of connection to the holiday season (it doesn't have to be much)

* Having some kind of creative/novel usage of random elements (anyone can stick a few blobs in a room for the sake of giving the player some generic monster to dodge, but can you add random elements to your level in a meaningful way such that they couldn't simply all be changed to other monsters or tiles without detracting from the level?)

Please send your entries to jraanderson at msn dot com (or pm them to me here). I will send a reply confirming that I have received your entry.


* I want to keep this open a bit longer than usual due to the logistics of collaborating with another person and how designing these levels will probably take more time than usual, so the preliminary deadline for this competition will be midnight (UTC-8) on the evening of January 31st. I will continue to accept late entries until I post the results, though late entries may be penalized.

* You may submit as many levels as you like, but please only submit one level per partnership. (I'm looking at you, Tyler and Josh!) Please feel free to form new partnerships in order to submit more levels.

* All rulesets are permissible: the level can be created for Lynx, MS (including MSCC-only and pgchip stuff if you want), or CC2 as long as it is solvable.

* Entrants receive the normal prizes: the "You're Winner!" award, Chip Cup points, and the "Tool Box" award for first time entrants.

* Please ask about unclear situations.
Man, Christmas Armament from UC6 would have been perfect for this Tongue
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Now that James is surely working intensely on the results for this competition I can reveal how (or at least my suggestion on how) the Chip Cup points for this competition will work.

First place collaborators - 13 Chip Cup points each.

Second place collaborators - 9 Chip Cup points each.

Third place collaborators - 7 Chip Cup points each.

Fourth place collaborators - 5 Chip Cup points each.

Fifth place collaborators - 3 Chip Cup points each.

Sixth and lower place collaborators - 1 Chip Cup point each.

For some not-entirely-necessary reasoning behind this list, read

[Click to Show Content]

These points will count for the Chip Cup 2017. And the Chip Cup 2018. Yes, this competition both ends the Chip Cup for last year and starts the one for this year. As this was a longer competition than we usually do, participants also in a sense get double the points than normal!

With that secret out of the way, it's time to start a couple new competitions...

Sorry for the delay in posting the results!

We had 4 levels submitted for this competition by 7 unique participants. There were a few additional people who expressed interest in participating, but who unfortunately had to back out due to a lack of time to commit to a competition like this. Overall I'm happy with how things went - everyone who submitted levels seems to have enjoyed the experience and had a lot of fun, which was the point after all Slight smile

I had a hard time judging this one, as all four levels were enjoyable. Without further ado...

4th place:

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3rd place:

[Click to Show Content]

2nd place:

[Click to Show Content]

1st place:


[Click to Show Content]

Congratulations to all and thank you for participating! It sounds like everyone had fun collaborating with others, and perhaps there will be more such competitions in the future. I will post the levels (and team write-ups) when I wake up.
Quote:9 hours ago, James said:

Additionally, anybody who entered this as their first ever Create Competition is also eligible for the Whatever It Was Called, Somebody Remind Me Award.

The Tool Box Award?
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Wow, thanks James for the great reviews of the levels and for hosting this competition. Doing it again next holiday season?? Wink

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