CCLP4 Release!
After nearly two years since its construction began, it's finally here. The fourth official clubhouse, known as CCLP4, has been completed, open to the public, and ready to be tackled by those who wish for fantastic, yet very satisfying puzzles! Are you up for the challenge?

Inside, you'll find:

-149 wonderful, amazing levels that you won't get enough of
-Numerous puzzles that will stump you till you spot the most obvious thing ever
-Levels that flow so steadily, you'll want to sit back and relax
-The greatest experience for any Bit Buster

CCLP4 site:

Regarding rules for reporting scores:

You may only submit a limit of ten scores total per hour. Any additional scores reported past this limit, will be treated as part of your next score report. This limit accounts for both MS and Lynx ruleset scores (you cannot submit ten MS scores and ten Lynx scores at the same time, for example).

This rule will be in play for three days after release, ending on July 17, 2017 8pm EDT.

All that said, be respectful and fair to others. This is just a game after all. Slight smile We hope you have fun and enjoy!

Happy Chipping!

- Josh Lee [Flareon350] (CCLP4 Staff)

Disclaimer: This is Version 0.99
, as a planned storyline will be coming soon, in a later update! Stay tuned for it! Don't let that stop you from playing though!
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