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As it turns out, I had more ideas, even after extending JoshL6. Tongue I cannot promise I won't make any more CC1 levels anymore.

This is my 7th levelset in the JoshL series! Contains 70 brand new levels compatible and solvable in both MS and Lynx rulesets! Various levels here once again, use wall configurations seen in other sets. Few feature somewhat new concepts that I personally haven't seen done before. Very few were designed for create competitions. Even fewer were even re-designed or re-purposed from an older set in some way! And of course... there's mazes! Lots of them.

Overall, I'm very pleased with how this set turned out! I did my best with the ordering and I tried to explore areas I particularly don't tackle in level design much anymore, such as monster manipulation and fairly difficult puzzles that aren't annoying to play over.

I'm very excited to hear some feedback on these.

I hope you enjoy! Feedback thread can be found here.


Confirmed solvable? Yes

What's New in Version 1.7

Apparently there was never a socket in ^2 (25) so now there is one.

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