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This is Josh's Chip's Challenge Level Pack 1 (JCCLP1), created by Josh Lee [Flareon350]

This set holds my best 149 levels and is fully Lynx-compatible! Many of the levels are from my previous sets (JoshL1, JoshL2 & JoshL3) but also some are brand new and never seen before. Most levels from my previous sets have been slightly modified to match my design style today and/or to be less tedious.

This set is also somewhat arranged by difficulty. Expect a challenging level or two at all times Slight smile


JoshL1 - 19 levels

JoshL2 - 35 levels

JoshL3 - 30 levels


Special thanks goes to:

Rock Gén


Brandon Lee

Michael Warner

Tyler Sontag

James Anderson

Dave Varberg

Zane Kuecks

Trevor Hedges


For test playing and/or collaborating with the set!

Got a question or concern about a level? Please inform me on any of these sites:

YouTube, FaceBook [CCBBC], CCZone, or the Newsgroup

You can also e-mail me at pkmndiamond493@live.com

Thanks for downloading and enjoy! Slight smile

~Josh Lee [Flareon350]

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JoshL1 / JoshL2 / JoshL3 / JoshL4 / JoshL5 / JoshL6 / JoshL7 / WoCCLP3 / ???
JoshL / JCCLPRejects

Total: Too many but presumably over 1400

Flareon1 / Flareon2

Total: 75+

Flareon Flareon Flareon Flareon Flareon
"This set is a masterpiece, with beautiful, well-designed, great levels. As you progress, it becomes even more challenging and fun, which is why I love this levelset. It also contains some of the past levels we've seen from JoshL1 through JoshL3. It is a non-forgettable, unmissable levelset that I love and adore. I died a lot."

- Chip McCallahan
ZK1 / ZK2 / ZK3 / ZK3: Abandoned / ZK4 / ZK5

Bronze / Silver / Gold
Just completed this set and it is one of the best level sets I've ever played. All the levels were fun to play with along with some that challenges your mind and some that'll make you crazy. Bacon Cave (147) was really mind bending, had to look at the solution video. Fireball Territory (69) and Walker Box (77) were insane to pass due to extreme melee dodging. And most of all the tiny blob room in Waterworks Factory (144); perhaps expand the space or get rid of the blob. Some of my favorites were Traps Of Creativity (109), Guidance For Experts (131) Glide and Prejudice (148) and a bunch of more levels in the set. Some of the levels are great for CCLP4, I hope Life is Not a Puzzle (142) is in it, that was a great level with great concepts and various puzzles. Also Cloner's Maze: Tank Edition (116) too, a whole LOT better than CCLP2's Cloner's Maze. Anyway great level set along with both versions of JCCLP2.

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