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This is my 6th levelset of the JoshL series. Originally first released at 40 levels then updated to have a total of 90 right before CCLP4 submissions ended. And now after many months of constant inspiration and even more level ideas, it now contains a grand total of 149 Lynx-compatible levels all rearranged mostly by difficulty once again!

A recurring theme in this set is monsters placed on top of unusual tiles (i.e., pink balls on top of sockets, etc.). You will be seeing this a lot throughout playing. Another theme I've used is using wall layouts from preexisting levels to create new levels out of them. Many thanks to all the various community members for providing great wall layouts! All of them were fun to use.

In the downloads, you'll find three files:
  • The fully rearranged 149 level version, which will be the official version from here on and any updates needed will be made only to this one. This is also the one to report times for, if you wish to do so.

  • A set containing the 59 newest levels are included for those who wish to only play the new stuff, however, this does not have a proper curve of any kind as they are in the order they were designed and will not be further updated.

  • Version 1.0+ with the original 90 levels is also included and this will no longer receive updates as well.

A detailed level listing and updates made to any older levels can be seen here. This will also be used to add and explain any further updates, if any are to occur. No major changes have been made to any of the older levels so any times submitted for these levels are still valid.

As always, any feedback or review/comments are more than welcome, as well as bust reports, if there are any!

The scoreboard for this set can be viewed here. Please feel free to submit your scores if you wish! You can also read up on the various fun facts/trivia to all the levels I've created for this set, old and new! Including which walls I've used from other levelsets.

Discussion thread:

Special thanks to chipster1059 and J.B. Lewis for their cooperation with this set. Slight smile

Have fun and enjoy!


Confirmed solvable? Yes

What's New in Version 2.2
  • Removed somewhat major bust in level 105.

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