CCLP4: Voting Deadline Revealed!
Hello, chipsters! We the CCLP4 staff hope you're doing well with voting so far and have had fun with the process so far! We are pleased to report that 15,592 votes have been cast throughout CCLP4's voting process and are still counting.

Over the past month or so, we have been discussing an end date for voting, since all 28 voting packs have been released since early November 2016. We've had a handful of people who have cast votes for every level, and we've got many more who are nearly there or are still working their way through the remaining voting packs. Based on the frequency of votes cased thus far, I'd like to propose that the end date for voting be April 30, 2017
, roughly 3 months from this post. We need to really get the ball rolling with this and move forward! While not necessary, a goal we would like to reach is to get at least 15 votes on every level from each pack of levels. As it stands now, only six voting packs have reached this and roughly half of them are almost there.) We are more than aware that some members might find this end date troublesome for the members who wish to vote on all 1,370 levels. If you have a different date you'd like to suggest, please join this discussion so we can iron something out before something is set in stone.

If you cannot vote on every level, please don't be discouraged from voting entirely. We highly encourage you to play packs that have less votes and to contribute to voting as much as possible. We need your help for CCLP4 to be the best set possible! You can see a complete list of the packs and how many minimum votes each pack has (in other words, the lowest number of votes a level in that pack has) here on the main voting page. I strongly recommend beginning at the end with the Expansion Pack and working your way backward so we can get more votes on the packs that have less.

- Josh Lee (CCLP4 Staff)

Edit: 3/28/2017 - The voting deadline is now set in stone and this topic has been locked.
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