May 2021 Create Competition- Ahead of Time
It's been a bit since the last create, let's fix that.

It was suggested on the Discord that a CC2 competition be run for levels with a 5 second time limit, that required using the stopwatches in order to complete. I thought this idea sounded too restricted to be interesting, but the core idea was broad enough that with the right changes, there was some real potential. And so, here are the requirements for a submitted level:

  • The level must take more time to complete than the starting timer.
  • Completing the level should require the player to be aware of the timer: this is somewhat vague and can be interpreted in multiple different ways, so be creative.
That's it, the starting timer can be anything (even untimed if that's best for your idea!), and the time limit should be a factor.
A bad example of this theme would be Phantoms or Touka from CC2LP1: the timer is irrelevant as it remains stopped the entire time. Another less than ideal example is Freeze Frame from CC2: the timer is something to note, but trivially dealt with by keeping it stopped most of the time.
A good example of this theme is Red Key Dungeon by Zane (can be found in Silver, or CC2LP1 voting), or Ten Second Ninja by me (can be found in IHNN1, or again CC2LP1 voting). These are not the only possible interpretations of the theme, and freezing the timer is not a required part of the level.

Submit your levels (max 2- if you submit more, tell me which ones you want rated) by sending them to me (IHNN#3459) on Discord, or by private message on the forums. The deadline is June 7th, at midnight Eastern time- in practice it will likely be when I wake up the following day. Your levels should be new- at the very least I shouldn't have seen them before. Please do not share your levels before the competition ends- it's more fun to see what everyone made all at once!
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