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This is JCCLP3, my third and final official "best-of" level set! Containing 149 levels that I consider to be my best as of late, most coming from my most recent sets, JoshL6, JoshL7, and Walls of CCLP3. But there's a few surprises here as well!

Some of the levels have gone through various changes, whether it be in gameplay, just a time limit change, or both. However, unlike last time though, there is no secret password/hint gimmick to this set. But why would you want that when you can just play EVERYTHING? Slight smileOr be a scrub and disable passwords.

Fully Lynx compatible and is arranged by difficulty! I'd even go as far as saying this is probably my toughest set as this will escalate once the triple digits are reached, with minimal breathers in between.

Regardless, all remain just as fun as they were in their source sets!


JCCLPRejects - 2 levels

Yes once again, I've included two more levels from my rejects set. Both were rejected for completely different reasons but honestly, I regret rejecting one of the two (the other I really had no choice but to reject). However, I've always felt these were nicely designed, fun to play, and deserving of a chance for redemption! I hope they get that chance here!

JoshL6 (post-149) - 23 levels

Wait, more JoshL6 levels? But those were in JCCLP2. And you would be correct, they were.

However, those levels were included during the time when JoshL6 was at a total of 90 levels. These come from the time after expanding it to 149, which was shortly after CCLP4 submissions closed.

I felt like the levels that were added didn't get the best outcome and as a result of being added in, some actually disliked the set because of the expansion, to which I can't blame them for. Most of what was added to it was either from a project I didn't follow through with or a random subpar variety level I felt like building out of a random set of walls. This ended up not mixing well with an already finalized set and I do sort of regret this, but not entirely.

Despite this, some stood out as gems and I think I've included them here!

JoshL7 - 43 levels

A set I actually tried to avoid creating... until a create competition and a few other ideas convinced me to go through with it.

JoshL7 ended up being one of my best level sets, if not the best one which I was not expecting. It took a full year to build but I think what really benefits this set is sticking with the 70 level limit and not releasing till finishing it. I learned my lesson from expanding JoshL6.

Over half the set was included here, most of which I'm very, very proud of.

Walls of CCLP3 - 66 levels

One thing these types of "best-of" set projects do is they give you the chance to really look back at what you built in the past. This set is something I never thought I'd go through with after attempting at it with CCLP1 and still can't believe I actually completed it.

On one hand, I'm satisfied with the fact I was able to do it with CCLP3. On the other hand, I feel like I didn't do *that* good a job with it. While it did encourage me to try new concepts and design choices I wouldn't have used otherwise, at the same time, some of it was "just something that uses this wall pattern" or were copouts, which is a weak point this set falls victim to. I definitely could have handled some levels better looking back. But with just a tad under half the set included, I hope they remain just as fun.

In the context of this set (JCCLP3), I've removed nearly every optional hint tile that tells you what the walls are from and made changes as I saw fit. Some for the better, some for worse, you be the judge of that. But absolutely no walls were added, trust me.


You might think these new levels were designed just to bring this total up to 149.

Well you'd be wrong there. These were designed within the past few months and are actually a part of a project I am in the process of building at this moment. I couldn't tell you when it'd be finished, but these are here to tease you at what's to come at some point. Slight smile

Shoutouts and special thanks to J.B. Lewis and Chiara W. for playtesting and/or providing a good amount of feedback for what should be included and helping with the level ordering! It wasn't easy to build but it was a lot of fun compiling this together and I seriously hope you enjoy this!

Once again, thanks for sticking around with me and my levels. I know I design a lot and some have asked how I do it. The honest answer... it's just in the heart.

~Josh Lee [Flareon350] Flareon

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