Micro Chips
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Did you think the original Chip's Challenge had levels that were just too big? Or do you just dislike levels that unnecessarily take up the whole map? Well this is the set for you!

Micro Chips

All 149 levels from the original CC1, scaled down to small sizes but still retain what they accomplished in their original forms. No huge levels, no huge time limits. Just scaled down, simple fun!


Confirmed solvable? Yes

What's New in Version 1.0.0
  • All untimed levels now have time limits of 99.

  • Fixed a few Lynx issues.

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JoshL1 / JoshL2 / JoshL3 / JoshL4 / JoshL5 / JoshL6 / JoshL7 / WoCCLP3 / ???
JoshL / JCCLPRejects

Total: Too many but presumably over 1400

Flareon1 / Flareon2

Total: 75+

Flareon Flareon Flareon Flareon Flareon
I posted a few comments on Discord, but might as well copy them here...

I played through the set. Very fun. Didn't solve Mix Up yet, as the blue key was erased in Lynx. The time limits were stricter in most levels than I might have set them, but I got used to that and it was a fun part of the whole set. However, for a few levels the time limit was particularly strict in Lynx due to timing differences, which I would suggest revisiting:

Eeny Miny Moe, Block Out, Skelzie, at least;

then next Sampler, Three Doors, Traffic Cop;

and maybe finally Partial Post, Deepfreeze, Paranoia and Metastable to Chaos.

I also wouldn't have minded if Writers Block would have had a few more chips required, since it was untimed. Refraction might have been ok with just one blue button, but that's just one detail. In general I really enjoyed all the ways you handled the levels, keeping the concepts very recognizable and focusing on what the essence of a level usually was.

My favorites in the set were: Tossed Salad, Knot, Ladder, Road Sign, Doublemaze, Pentagram, Mind Block.

Thanks for sharing!

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