CCLP5: New Staff Member + Voting Announcement!
Hiya chipsters! You guessed correctly - it's CCLP5 announcement time! We have quite a bit to go through!

Before we dive into it, our sincerest apologies for holding everything up. Over the past few months, We've been very busy with ensuring solution files work and sync properly across every level submitted. This has proven to be more of a hiccup than we initially expected, thus took up more time than anticipated.

Because of this, we have very recently added a new member to the staff team - Jeremy Christman. Thanks to his excessive efforts and constant source of help he has given us with managing TWS files, among many other things, we felt he rightfully deserved a proper spot on our staff as opposed to an honorable mention later down the road. Without him, we'd still be stuck.

Next on the list: Shortly after level nominations ended, we gathered the general feedback during that time. Of the 151 levels that we were unsure about, 95 of those received nominations. We decided based on the feedback and upon much further review, we deemed all 95 of those levels to enter the voting pool. In addition, 32 levels from the "culled levels" tab were also included into voting, making a total of 127 levels that were added thanks to you, the community!

Now for the best part - Voting!

Since we have successfully ensured all solutions files work and sync properly across every level, 1,695 to be exact, we can finally get voting underway!

Voting will officially begin September 23, 2022 at 4pm EDT on Please make sure you've registered for an account at prior to voting! We will drop a separate brief announcement with links to the voting site and such when this time comes.

Thank you so much for your patience with us and let's get ready for some chipping!

- Josh
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