CCLP5: Call for Staff Interest
Hey all,

There's been some talk about getting CCLP5 going some time this year. The first step would be to put together a team to run the project. If you'd be interesting in serving on the staff of this project, please indicate so here along with some details about what you would offer the team and why you are interested. 

Currently there is nothing formally in place for CCLP5, though Josh Lee has expressed interest in serving as staff leader for this project. Another idea that has been put forward is developing a second smaller set in parallel with CCLP5 that contains the hardest puzzles for chipsters looking for a tougher challenge. If you have ideas about this, feel free to discuss here as well.

For myself, I don't have significant interest in being involved with the project, though I'd like to offer using for voting with CC Zone login integration and could assist with that when the time comes.
One of the things that I disliked the most about the CC2LP1 was the lack of consistency between the information from staff members. I would be willing to act as the staff speaker so that such issues would be able to be avoided. I have no interest in the selection process or any administrative tasks, I simply want to be a consistent source of information and act as a liaison between the staff and the general community.
I'm interested in joining the staff, I really like assembling levelsets and looking for new levels with unique concepts. And please don't judge me based on my behaviour in the CCBBC, as much as I like memeing, I genuinely have ideas and a work ethic that I'd like to showcase in assembling an official set. And I won't be biased towards my levels, so don't need to worry about Indigo Platoon spam either.

And I do like James' suggestion of a seperate "veteran pack" containing the toughest levels of CC1. Another idea is to make CCLP5 have 200 levels (unless there are gonna be enough CC1 levels left for a CCLP6 in the future).
I didn't have the fullest grasp with CCLP4 as the leadership was split in two, so I'd definitely love to take the reigns in full this time around. If no one is opposed to me hosting such a project, I'd be highly for leading CCLP5, hopefully with a mostly different staff this time around in making another great compilation of levels for us chipsters to enjoy and experience.
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I would be interested.  I already have some experience from CC2LP1, and could help with assembling the set, testing levels, and/or any other tasks that would need fulfilling (except staff speaker, Sharpeye can do that).  A while back, it was suggested that TWS files be mandatory to ensure that all submitted levels are solvable; if this happens, I could help in creating these for sets with inactive designers who are therefore unable to provide the solutions.

I support Josh as the leader, and also support VT and Sharpeye's candidacies, as well as Cowman's voting offer.

(09-Jan-2021, 3:20 AM)vortex178 Wrote: Another idea is to make CCLP5 have 200 levels (unless there are gonna be enough CC1 levels left for a CCLP6 in the future).
I am certain there will be enough levels for CCLP6, especially since several designers are still creating new CC1 levels, so I would suggest sticking with the classic 149 levels.  I really like the spin-off veteran pack idea, although I am unsure as to how many levels it should have.
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I would be interested in helping with Lynx rules testing, if that's a consideration.  Also, if we plan to port to steam I could assist there as well.
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I'm going to quote this from IHNN talking on Discord regarding the veteran pack, just for posterity:

Quote:Hot take: it's not worth going in with the intent to also create a veteran pack, as that would neuter the upper end of difficulties from the accompanying main set. If there's enough very difficult levels with at least some being well liked then producing a veteran pack from that works too
Using the CCLP4 pool as an example, the only very difficult level that did well that wasn't included on basis of difficulty was Lounge Act- I think it could have had a place if there was a way to build into it, but it would have been such a big jump there
For the CCLP5 pool I don't see that sort of difficulty spike as an obstacle
and based on CC2LP1 I would expect the main set to be pretty tricky to figure out anyway
I’m sure I would have loved being on the staff, but the stage of life I’m in with all the kids plus work I wouldn’t be available much. I will try to get time to vote for as many levels as possible though!

I think with all his experience, Josh will make a fine staff leader. Thanks Josh and the rest of you for making this happen :)
I kinda interested into being one of the staff for CCLP5. I say kinda since I'm not too active in the CC community anymore; moreover I feel that the community sort of moved on to CC2. Don't get me wrong I like CC2 and that game itself has its perks, but ultimately I am more of a CC1 player. I gave CC2LP1 a shot, and it's a great set. Who knows maybe I'll come back to the CC Community, I mean I still drop by the discord every so often.

If I were to be a staff member, I would be interested being a play tester. I remember when Josh and JB did their "Walls of" sets and I enjoyed playing through the iterative releases.

Anyway, I am kinda interested into being a staff member for CCLP5. Just to sort of make myself more of a chipster.
I'd like to join as some sort of technical assistant, creating scripts to automatically put together voting packs, merge TWS files together to ensure that all voting packs have a single TWS for them, possibly giving technical advice on how to patch levels to adjust them for better ruleset compatibility or fix ruleset specific busts, those kinds of thing.
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